About MadCat

A year ago I launched my personal fashion blog. I wanted to inspire everyone and and show how to be well dressed at low cost fashion. I always thought that the first appearance is very important in every day life. How people see you that they judge you. Being well dressed bring more fantastic situations in your life and attract people.

We all can look great. Is very easy to match your clothes in the way you will look like a film star with no much effort and money. That was my idea to launch a blog and show you how to choose clothes from cheaper brands and still look stylish.

I am currently working as a sales assistant in one of my favourite brands Zara. That helps me to create more great ideas in my head and I want them to share with you.

I CAN BE ALSO YOUR PERSONAL SHOPPER AND STYLIST. If you want me to help you to change your image at work, for a family event, business party or just in your life please contact me and we can arrange your first free appointment to analyse your personal colours and do your wardrobe view.

I have a couple of years experience as a personal fashion stylist in Poland.

As an interior designer with diploma I am also offering help to style your flat and office.

If you are interested in any of those please contact me on my number
077 369 412 60 or my email http://www.eva.pietruk@gmail.com.

If you want to be up to date with my fashion and going trends, please check my blog at least once a week to find out what’s new. I am waiting for your feedback.

Lots of love

Eva P. Dorothy


4 thoughts on “About MadCat

  1. Eva I’ve shot a lot of the expensive brands like Escada when I worked in L.A. and used to do lots in Hollywood . I remember buying a blouse in Harrods in London back in the 80’s . I paid about 170 pound for it then if memory serves me well . Back in the U.S. I saw the exact blouse at Marshalls in Washington for $69.00 !
    You can put amazing outfits together without spending loads of money that can be spent on more rewarding important things . That’s my opinion anyways . It’s nice that you are here to give people the confidence that creating a fashionable look need not drain you financially.

    Your styling is killer ! Also the photography your daughter has done capturing the mood is fantastic. My apologies if I failed to credit her with your “Smart” look.


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