MyLook #50

  Here it is! I finally left behind my summer collection from sunny Rhodes and I’m going to launch today  my first look from autumn collection. As you can see this season for me means 70’s. Love it love it. Suede, flares, flower prints, hats… So I’m starting today with 70’s look based on my white culottes. To match,   my gorgeous shirt/blazer from summer collection I got form Zara sale. My real suede jacket is going to be my number one this season, is actually absolutely great match with everything I am going to wear. What about that gorgeous pointed flats? I’ve seen them already on my favourite bloggers feet so I can see how are they popular currently- brand Zara and £49. 

  I hope you like the new look and just to let you know my blog is going to be different in a few days. New  fresh  look. Check it soon. 

Today I’m wearing: 

Culottes, hat – Primark 

Shirt, jacket, shoes, bag – Zara 

Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from



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