MyLook #44

  Very slow this month with posts but it’s going to change soon. I’m also about to start considering new page for Mad Cat. Doing my branding at school I wondered if I should change the name and logo as is going to be more feminine and mature. I always will be Mad Cat but maybe would be good to refresh some things…? 

Today in my cold Bournemouth another post,  this time in all suede look. Very 70s style and simple with colour however for sure eye catching. Low cost outfit, the real suede top I got for only £13 from Zara, the skirt you could see before,  is from Ebay (only £7) . Primark shoes and bag. And Zara blue necklace gives the look a bit of colour.

Hope you like the result. 

I’m wearing: 

Suede top, necklace- Zara

Shoes, bag – Primark 

Photos Bartosz Chojnowski from


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