MyLook #42

  The things are going slower now and I finally have more time to sort out my life without rush. Just literally finished my course and so happy as I got distinction for my final project. I knew is great but as a perfectionist I didn’t want to say until I saw the result and the fantastic feedback. But yes! It is done. 

I promised myself that for the first few weeks after my finish I’m going to relax and push my blog forward so today another post literally a few days after I released MyLook #41. 

As I stay still in 70’s vibes and festival looks, today another outfit with my suede skirt. I matched with embroidered top from Primark what cost me only a few pounds ( I love Primark for it). The sandals I got on ebay. I fell in love this summer in a high lace up sandals but Zara’s one cost too much to get them and have been sold out quite quick anyway. All in a nice colour theme and great for any occasion. 

  Hope you like the stylisation, I do! 

I am wearing: 

Top, bag – Primark

Sandals, skirt – don’t know the brands, bought on Ebay. 

If you want to shop my wardrobe pieces go to and typing madcatfashion. 

Photos Bartosz Chojnowski from



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