MyLook #41

  Oh finally, after a few weeks (again) I can show my new look . I’ve finished my half year of visual merchandising course and I can start to do my career in fashion! To be honest I’m waiting for my grades still  as we had FMP handing last Friday so I’m very stressed out and don’t show yet my happiness. However so far I’ve been verbally praised by my tutor Tony Morgan,  for my final window job and he also put it on his Instagram saying about me Top Student. My dreams come true… 

So I suppose I will let you know about my marks as well as career plans soon, but to be honest  I’ll definitely put my pressure on MatCatFashion. I got for last 6 monts a few cooperation offers with a small fashion brands but didn’t even try to start to anything this way, as had no time even  for myself and my family.  So let’s go to the new look now. 

This summer for me means 70’s vibes. And I got crazy about that times. Huge flares, embroidered top, suede, denim, yes I love it! I wouldn’t even imagine a few years ago I would ever wear this style! But yes! 

So today new 70’s style all denim look. The denim dress from Zara matched with the same colour denim skirt,  makes great look. I added a small wooden belt and accessories like real leather bag and sandals from Primark, all tanned tone. 

 For me simple, feminine and 70’s. What do you think about the look and do you like this strong trend this summer? 

I’m wearing:

Denim dress and skirt – Zara

Sandals- Primark 

Bag -ebay

Sunglasses- reserved (Polish brand)

Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from 

You can shop my looks on or ebay



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