MyLook #37


 So another look today!  Is again so random and quick. 🙂 That was a day in London and that was another busy day, so as always recently , we captured my daily outfit I worn that day. 


 What do you think about double denim match? So funny , as I love the different colours of denim set up together but if that was no fashionable this season I would not set up it together (as I remember I matched them already a while ago and I didn’t feel comfortable in it). 

There are two shades of denim, where the coat is much lighter (btw I bough the coat on ebay  for £10). The jeans are from Zara, called girlfriends jeans. The top and shoes I got for a great price from Primark. The top is made from a really good fabric and is on sale for £5 only. The shoes bring lots of attention. 

All I finished with red lipsy H&M bag. 

  Hope you like the look. I’m back now to my FMP as just a few weeks left and so much research to do. You can see my academy projects on facebook at 

Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from   


      I am wearing: 

Jeans- Zara

Top , shoes-Primark

Coat -? 

Bag – H&M

Sunglasses  – Reserved 




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