MyLook #36


 I just handed my 3D model project I was making for many weeks. Hurray. And I am so happy about the final outcome. So now I can breathe a bit and from tomorrow I’m staring collect my ideas for my Final Major Project. So far great ideas going  into my head and a  few weeks ahead to manage it. 

Sitting now at my class room I’m going to show you my last outfit we captured  last time with my lovely Bartek. I know the summer is on the way (maybe in your countries a bit closer) but in Bournemouth  still chilling and windy. What I prepared may surprise you as is all knitted but with the spring shape. Sleeveless jumper, skirt. Knitted  but with the spring breath. And btw I’ve been inspired by Stella McCartney  fashion show. 


 Hope you will lake the casual knitted result and one more thing: Zara sale starts really soon. Really looking forward to it … 😉 


 I am wearing:

Knitted vest, backpack, handbag, shoes, sunglasses, bracelet – Primark 

Knitted skirt, jumper – Zara. 






 Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from


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