MyLook #35


 Just came back from Academy so late… I’m working on my 3d store project and the assessment dead line  is next week. I suppose I spent on this already 60h and still many things to do… As soon as I finish my course I’ll do a post to show all my work. 🙂 

I also finished my workplacement  for House Of Fraser. That was a good experience and I can see how visual merchandiser duties look different in different stores. I really enjoyed dressing mannequins I actually was delighted when could choose and style them in my own way! But also this 3 weeks time let me decided what kind of VM job I would like to do… :). 

But at the monet only studying and hard work to get best diplom… And some shooting..

So today another casual look. The shoot was so quick! I actually didn’t style the look just put a few casual pieces together and thought that works good!  Would be nice to take some photos of it ! 🙂

 The coat is an absolutely hit! Has got good lenght and nice old fashioned shape. I got it from Primark for only £23. I still have seen them at Primark so still you can buy it. And to match   my stripy too from TopShop, believe or not but it is 6 yo and worn often. You can see as is getting old but still in a good condition. And one more  – backpack. There is a £10 worth really good must have! Is hard to recognised as it is from Primark as has got really good shape and colour. I have been even stopped by Primark worker asking me where did I get it from? 🙂

So do you like the whole look? Let me know…  





 I am wearing today:

Coat, backpack- Primark 

Trousers- New Look

Shoes -? 

Top – TopShop 

Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from

Waiting for your feedback xx


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