MyLook #33


 Today short post from my school class. I just finished my work at House Of Fraser and got to FRA to work on my store project. 

I just started second week of my work placement and enjoying it a lot . Merchandiser’s duties at Zara and department store House Of Fraser are massively different. The team is responsible for all stuff starting from windows , going throughout mannequins for all departments , display and signage. I learn a lot and happy when doing it (mainly when I am asked to style group of mannequin in a way I want – priceless. ) 

So being inbetween my work and school I’m going to show you my new look I captured  recently. The main role- coat from Primark. Only £5 ! Yes. Only… I’ve been already asked a few times about it and no one believed about the brand and the price. The whole outfit is from Primark except shoes and bag. I really hope you like this colourfull style. I do!! 

The photos taken by my amazing Bartosz  Chojnowski from who done really good job as in the day we taken the photo the whole Bournemouth had been covered  by fog for the whole entire day! We worked really hard to find a place to do the shoot . Probably on pictures you can still  see the  mist behind me  but Bartek  made his best to make them as clear as possible  to post. Thank you for it xxx 

Looking forward to your feedback guys. 

You can still find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebok typing simply MADCATFASHION. 

I am wearing:

Trousers, Coat, Jumper, Sunglasses – Primark 

Bag, Sneakers – Zara 




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