MyLook #31


I’m actually happy I can write this article today as what happened to me today was really unexpected. Alright you’re gonna think is something really special or bad. Yes, it is actually. I’m in London today as every week at my Academy. This morning I dressed myself quite bright as I think we have got already spring and I have to admit the weather is still unpleasant but… My all white look finished with colourful sneakers and baby blue coat attracted lots of attention. Wow, I felt I am from different planet. Absolutely everyone was wearing black, maybe dark navy or dark grey, eventually brown. Where the spring is ? I thought London is a fashion capital? Where, who? The mass dressed like going for a funeral and looking at me like at someone crazy…. I am really disappointed, if you don’t live in London you might think people are dressed well and this city is special. Yes it is but , I can’t see anything really amazing as well as these great dressed people.
Come on London ! Get out of the black and let’s the spring come over.

My outfit today as always very casual. That was a quite warm weekend in London and I was on the way to FRA for my classes. Checked warm shirt and grey faux leather trousers finished with the black coat. All from Zara and all very comfortable. Just to add these lovely pants I got from Zara for only £5.99. Fab deal!

Hope you like the result. Do you?

I am wearing:

Pants, shirt, coat, boots, – Zara
Bag – ebay
Sunglasses – Reserved (polish brand).

Photos have been taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from







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