MyLook #30


I’m back to Bournemouth and so happy I can finally relax but also get ready to draw my store concept. This week I finished a new window and there is absolutely great job done. Looks incredible, we had to use the colour and the theme I thought could go great with it is a “Playful 70’ties’ what is actually very trendy now.
I’ll do very soon a post about my great widows projects but today my another casual look with a very warm jumper and fantastic leather skirt I got from Zara sale.
I think that’s an absolutely great match finished with my lovely hat also from Zara. The skirt is great to come into a summer season. Just can’t wait to match it with my great T-shirts and sandals.

The shoot has been taken within 10 min but I was really happy from the results.

Photos taken as always by Bartosz Chojnowski from

I am wearing:

Jumper, skirt, boots, jacket and hat – Zara

Bag – Mango.

Hope you like the result , let me know about it. 🙂









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