MyLook #28

Well, I am not sure if you like to read sometimes my short articles about my life or you want only to see the photos from my new outfit. :). If you are interested what’s going on at the moment, so probably you can see that last post was in the beginning of February, even if I promised to post at least twice a week! Impossible.
My life changed because of my studying and my school and work take all my attention, not leaving any even moment for a new shoots. But as I decided to work less and study more I suppose I can finally find extra free afternoon for my new fashion ideas. So far the things go amazing, my window project at school was fantastic. So very proud I’m staring working on a new one. When I take professional photos I am going to write a short post and show you step by step how did it grow.

So today I want to show you my another so comfy and casual and simple but fashionable outfit. Was wearing it on my day off where I was actually running from place to place to sort out my tasks. My 4 yo camel coat from Polish brand Top Secret doesn’t go old, so I think you should always have one good camel coat in your wardrobe. Matched with just a faux leather pants from Top Shop ( btw guys so poor quality, bought it on march last year, first time I worn it now and got completely ripped! )I need to definitely find the receipt and bring it back! And long sweatshirt from Zara- amazing and simple, you can wear it as a dress and my main point- colourful Zara sneakers! They are just exquisite. Absolutely great colour mix , obviously goes amazing with camel coat and moreover, so comfortable. If you want to spend your all day walking and looking stylish- best solution for you. Whoever got lucky and got them from Zara – well done! Sneakers and all trainers coming again into summer season so you will be ready for it.

Hope you like the simple idea. And I pray I can put one more post before this short month will finish. 🙂

So far see you soon and I will appreciate your feedback.

I am wearing:

Pants – Top Shop

Coat – Top Secret

Sneakers, Scarf – Zara

Sunglasses – Primark

Bag – used Ebay

Photos taken by MY Bartosz Chojnowski from









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