MyLook #27


Today the post from my school. I’m actually sitting now in the library after whole day spent by making my window. Is hard because I put quite a lot of pressure on me and my boys in my group. We are making something really special, we actually focus on mannequins dress, what we need to design. I wonder if I should make a post showing all steps on our window…

At the moment a bit of relax , working on my blog. Is hard to find a time for it, my last post was about 3 weeks ago and this is definitely too long break. So hope you will like my new casual outfit with my lovely and warm bomber, I got for only £10. It reminds me my childhood when my brother was wearing exactly the same and I always thought is typical men’s thing taken actually from USArmy pilots.
Easy matched with very thick and cosy red checked scarf and shiny boots from Zara. Hope you like the result, is definitely warm and comfortable.

I am wearing:
Bomber, scarf, clutch, sunglasses – Primark
Shirt, jeans, boots – Zara

Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from








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