MyLook #26


I am going tonight to announce a very important thing: on Monday I’m starting my study at Fashion Retail Academy in London- Fashion Visual Merchandising. I didn’t reveal any information before as was really hard to get the place! But all sorted and paid ,so excited to go on my enrolment day.
Cant believe how things going great recently , day by day, situation by sytuation, is absolutely great to see the fast progress in my life . I see the law of attraction is working, I really pushed myself hard to believe, to ask, and many times I doubted- but now I now how does it work. I can not deny there is more than a year and a half of our hard job. Since Bartek launched my blog first time, made my logo and started shooting my outfits, we were developing much faster and first of all we started being professionals. Let’s see where this year will take us. My New Years resolution are so high! šŸ™‚

Well, being happy and excited I’m going to announce another casual look :).

Very warm, casual , great for England weather. Fantastic hat from Zara (from ZARA MAN actually ) and nice and comfy poncho from New Look. Reminds me a bit poncho from Burberry Prorsum. But I suppose about Ā£750 cheaper :). Matched with just casual jeans and great boots also from Zara. Nice weather, great background, warm outfit. Hope you like the results.

Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from

I am wearing:

Poncho – New Look

Jeans, hat , bag , boots – Zara

Turtleneck jumper – Primark










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