MyLook #25


Today I’m writing my post siting in my family house in Wroclaw (Poland ). All day spent relaxing and working only on my blog. So there is a time to show you my another new outfit. There are new very interesting (in my mind) outfits to come. Few shots have been done already , about 10 still to take. Absolutely can’t wait to show it!
My another post from Bournemouth beach. More funky than usual.
With quite futuristic dress from Zara, looking more like sporty jumpsuit for ice skaters. But I loved it. Matched with my lovely shoes got from ebay and blue accessories to finish with.
My small request. Please support me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Would be lovely to see you there and also to get any comments from you. Good or bad. Any feedback expected. xxx

Hope you like the result of my new post.

I am wearing :

Dress, bag – Zara

Shoes – ?

Sunglasses – Primark

Photos have been taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from










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