MyLook #24


The things are going great in the beginning of the 2015. I’m extremely busy as always but I am afraid I’m going to be even more busy. I got finally my place at Fashion Retail Academy for a Fashion Visual Merchandising. The academy is London and 3 times a week combining with work at Zara- that’s all week working non stop. But I’m going to be strong as I believe it will open some door to my fashion carrier. Can’t wait till 26 January, my first enrolment day. The only small step from the course is the government student loan I’m applying for. Anyway, will update you soon.

Today my another casual outfit, from our walk to Bournemouth beach. Great hat and scarf from Zara and finished with one of my fav
sneakers from Primark.

Hope you do like the result.

Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from

I am wearing :

Hat, pants, scarf, bag – Zara

Sneakers – Primark

Shirt – H&M









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