MyLook #19


I promised myself that I want to show at least an 8 outfit a month on my blog and this is minimum as only with 12 monthly in the future I would be satisfied. However Zara takes most of my time which I am happy about. Every time when I walk in a feel that I breathe !

Anyway today all white look with my fav white faux leather skirt with A shape matched with a really nice jumper from Zara too. On top white warm coat. My shoes are from last season but they seem to be more fashionable this year, with a touch of orange. To finish I took my new clutch from New Look, very nice plastic box , goes great with many of looks, black and white stripes makes this white look a bit less boring.
Great casual look, mainly for our still warm weather in Bournemouth.

I really appreciate your feedback.
Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from on our walk to Highcliffe Castle in Christchurch.

I am wearing:

Faux leather skirt, Jumper , Coat , Bracelet – Zara

Shoes – bought on ebay

Clutch – New Look











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