MyLook #16



Uff, another post ready. I promised to myself that at least 2 but even 3 posts a week. But busy with my two another full time jobs so I don’t know how I can find my time for it. I consider to start also studying not sure yet if I can go for fashion design or fashion merchandising or just come back and get full diploma in interior design. Still to think..
At the moment something new to show you. I recently got really good piece from Primark. Is very funny how my friends always keep telling me as my stuff from Primark is so incredible. And they can not find as good as mine. You really can. Of course sometimes you go and is nothing really special but I think I am lucky to attract great things like this skirt and sweatshirt together. I got firstly the sweatshirt which I worn one day on my post #13. Then one day I got skirt and because I love one -pieces , I got it straight away. Perfect match with my great Zara shoes and also for colder days, like today, extra warm and cosy white coat also from Zara.

Do you like the result?

Photos taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from

I am wearing :

Sweatshirt – Primark

Skirt -Primark

Shoes- Zara

Clutch – Primark

Coat – Zara

Rings – New Look










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