My special Halloween post what has been prepared for the Lookbook contest. I would not even imagine that I could spend my free time for this look. To be honest everything was really in the rush. The entries were closed on Sunday and on Saturday before going to work I was running to do the make up and photos.
The whole outfit was random and that was a one second idea -what shall I wear. Recently I watched “Sinister” my one of my favourite films, great horror, not much happening in but is keeping you tight and scares you (me!) to death,, 🙂
That was an inspiration for the title.
The outfit? Jack’s Ripper hat brought from London Dungeon, 7 years old never worn net from Priamrk, really old black dress brought with me from Poland, only blue hair I purchase in the £1 shop.
Make up is a mixture between Joker and Sinister look. (I am not good with make ups but I think the result is not too bad).
I really hope to win the contest.

What do you think about the look?

Photos have been taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from

Special thanks to my daughter Nadia for helping me with the photo shoot.









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