A bit funny title? Yes it is.. That was a special day where I went to see Nadia’s teachers. The first day when I was going to find out how she’s doing at English school.
I wanted to look modest but still look smart. The leather trousers made my feel more rocky mum. For my comfort I matched it with H&M sneakers ( I can not deny they are the most comfortable shoes in my wardrobe ). The best finish is my necklace. It aroused everyone’s interest. With the bizon/ox head and small chains around makes great look. That was really good finish of the outfit.
The result was good, the parents meeting went well. And I saw lots of attention form Nadia’s friend at school too. Hopefully you will like it.

The pictures have been taken by Nadia. There are not the best shots , but we didn’t have a great mood for it, moreover was cold, windy and rainy.
Check it out what I’m proposing and let me know what you think.

I am wearing:

Faux leather pants – H&M – £10

White shirt – H&M – £14

Jacket – H&M – £36

Sneakers – H&M – £19

Necklace – Primark – 50pence

Handbag – ebay – £6








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