Black & White


Very simple and monochromatic. One of my favourite coats but I worn it only twice within one year. I decided to take it finally out from my wardrobe. I love the simple form and monochromatic style. You can match it with all colours. I decided to stay black and white but to make it a small contrast I put the orange jumper and gold chain bag. I loved the results. When the sun was about to set down suddenly the temperature dropped. I still had some things to do in town and I wanted to stay warm, so easily added warm hat and gloves, changing a tiny bit my outfit but making still great looking. Check if you like it. I am looking forward to your opinion.
Pictures taken by Bartosz Chojnowski from BCH DESIGN ( We didn’t have a good light that day. He tried his best to find good place with good light. But iPhone5 didn’t cooperate with us as we expected… 🙂

Anyway enjoy !!

I am wearing :

Coat – Zara – £ 79

Jumper – Zara – £ 18

Jeans – Primark ( ripped by myself ) – £ 11

Boots – River Island – £ 25

Chain bag – Marc Jackobs

Sunglasses – Primark – £ 2

Clutch bag – £ 3

Watch – River Island – £ 28

Set of rings – Primark – £ 1.50

Bracelet – New Look – £ 3














4 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. beautiful outfit!! i love how you combined the rings, and your shoes and bag are such statement pieces (your whole outfit is really!). and the cat.. sigh. 🙂


  2. This black and white story is really nice . With the monochromatic foundation the coat gives, the fashion accessories come alive . The orange/red gloves and the gold just pop . beautiful ! What makes the whole ensemble of course is the very fashionable cat !
    I love the light and the feel of all these images .

    Respectfully, John Morrison


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